Grilling for Beginners

Grilling for Beginners

Grilling is one of Australia’s most popular cooking methods, but it can be intimidating for some. Many people find it difficult and struggle with undercooked meat, burnt edges, or their food tasting like charcoal. Grilling is a gourmet skill that can be mastered with just a bit of knowledge and practice. This guide will help beginners overcome their fear of grilling by explaining the simple steps necessary for success.

Before you start grilling, you need to know what type of grill you use. Each grill type is different, so it’s important that you know how to work yours in order for your food to cook properly and taste right. Popular choices include charcoal, electric, and gas.

Once you figure out what type of grill you have, you can begin prepping it. Grills must be properly cleaned and seasoned before you can do any grilling. If yours is new, it will come with a set of instructions on how to clean it. To clean your grill, you will need either a steel brush or a nylon bristled brush to scrape any food, grime, or rust off of the grates. If your grill comes with a brush that fits the grates, use that instead. It’s also important to clean any debris from the bottom of the grill.

Seasoning your grill helps create a non-stick cooking surface so your food won’t get stuck to the grates. To do this, add a thin canola oil or cooking spray layer to the grates before turning the grill on. Be sure to wipe away the access oil so it doesn’t burn and create build-up on the grates.

Once your grill is set up, it’s time to get organised. At the heart of our Squires Loft success is our signature basting method. This involves a meticulously crafted blend of spices, onion, garlic, and lemon, which we consistently apply to our meats during grilling. Here’s how you can bring our legendary flavours into your own grilling endeavours:

Setting Up Your Basting Station: Position a Bain Marie filled with our basting mixture right next to your grill. This setup streamlines your grilling process and helps keep the area tidy.

Mastering the Basting Technique: Effective basting is key to achieving that rich caramelisation and savoury flavour that Squires Loft is famous for. Generously baste the meat every minute on each side throughout the three-minute grilling period to lock in moisture and flavour.

Maintaining Your Grill: Preheat your grill and ensure it’s clean before cooking. A well-maintained grill ensures even cooking and the perfect char that’s characteristic of our steaks.

Practice and Patience: Grilling is an art that requires both practice and patience. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right first. Each session is an opportunity to improve and fine-tune your skills.

Grilling time varies depending on the type of meat and the cut, so it’s important to do your research for guidance on how long each side should be grilled. If you find your meat isn’t cooked after a certain amount of time, move it to a different spot on the grill. Grilling isn’t an exact science, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your food to find what works best for you and tastes great, too!

Grilling is more than just cooking at Squires Loft; it’s about creating an unforgettable dining experience. By following our basting steps, you’re crafting a masterpiece, not just making a meal. So fire up that grill, grab your basting brush, and get ready to enjoy a taste of Squires Loft at home. While you master your skills on the grill, stop by Squires Loft for inspiration! Find your nearest location at

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