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Since 1993, Squires Loft has been dedicated to providing a remarkable dining experience to our guests.

From humble beginnings in Brighton to establishing ourselves in the vibrant strip of Toorak Road in South Yarra, our founders came up with a winning formula, in delivering South African flavours to Australia.

We pride our winning formula’s on –

Our Passion – to deliver mouth-watering steaks and ribs matched with our unique signature basting, which leaves a lasting impression

Value – in our partnerships with Australian producers and growers, ensuring that our products are sustainably sourced and are competitively priced

Consistency – in our well-balanced menus, the quality of our wine list and the consistency of our cooking is our priority. Our customers identify with our unique flavours & hospitality.

Squires Loft About Image
Squires Loft About Image

Our loyal customers and dedicated team have been instrumental in our growth, with many becoming part of our family and investing in a Squires Loft franchise of their own. Our devotion to our customers drives everything we do, we take pride in creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere that keeps our guests coming back.

We offer a traditional, quality steakhouse experience that is carefully curated to exceed our customers’ expectations. We are grateful for our unique position in the market. Our brand has been adapted in many ways, but we stay true to our core. Rustic, modest and effortless.

Each restaurant has it’s own take on Squires Loft and how it is represented in their local area. We pride ourselves on this unique approach, so that you can feel the personalisation from décor to wine lists, which has been curated for an impeccable experience, catering for their neighbourhoods tastes. The secret to becoming an institution over the last 30 years, has been that we have always emphasised the principle of KISS (Keep It Simple Steak) and having an unrivalled flavour profile, is what makes us the ‘Steak Specialists.’

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