Squires Loft: A Gluten-Free Haven for Meat Lovers

A Gluten-Free Haven for Meat Lovers

Welcome to Squires Loft, where “Gluten-Free” isn’t just a buzzword—it’s practically our middle name! If you’ve ever found yourself scanning a menu, feeling like you’re on a treasure hunt for gluten-free options only to end up settling for the salad, we’ve got news for you. At Squires Loft, the treasure is everywhere, and no, you don’t need to order the salad (unless you want to, because ours are delicious too).

Steaks and Ribs: The Gluten-Free Stars

Here, our legendary ribs and steaks take centre stage, basking in the spotlight of our almost entirely gluten-free menu. And before you ask, “But what about the baste and sauces?” let us put your mind at ease. Our signature-recipe baste and a selection of sauces are gloriously gluten-free, ensuring your meal is as safe as it is scrumptious.

No Gluten, No Problem

Navigating a gluten-free diet can sometimes feel like you’re a contestant on a culinary game show — one wrong move and you’re out. But fear not! At Squires Loft, we’re turning the tables. Our menu is crafted with the gluten intolerant and the gluten avoidant in mind, making you the ultimate winner in the game of dining out.

More Than Just a Meaty Paradise

While our ribs and steaks might be the heroes of this story, they’re not flying solo. Almost our entire menu is gluten-free by design, giving you the freedom to explore beyond the confines of “the usual” gluten-free offerings. From starters to desserts, we’re here to prove that a gluten-free diet doesn’t mean compromising on variety or flavour.

Gluten-Free, Guilt-Free, Worry-Free

Worried about cross-contamination? Stress less! Our kitchen team is trained in the art of gluten-free cuisine, ensuring that your meal is prepared with the care and attention it deserves. At Squires Loft, you can dine with confidence, knowing that we’ve got your dietary needs covered.

The Squires Loft Promise: Gluten-Free, Flavour-Full

So, whether you’re gluten-free by choice or by necessity, we invite you to join us at Squires Loft for a dining experience that promises not just to accommodate but to celebrate your dietary requirements. Our ribs and steaks are waiting to impress, with no gluten in sight and flavour in every bite. Remember, at Squires Loft, the only thing we’re not free from is deliciousness!

Come for the gluten-free options, stay for the mouth-watering ribs and steaks, and leave with a belly full of food and heart full of joy. After all, who said gluten-free dining couldn’t be fun? Not us! At Squires Loft, every meal is an adventure, and you’re always invited.

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